Class 51 Outprocessing

Friday, June 21 

Who:  ALL Students and Advisors

Uniform:  Uniform of the Day for Students and Advisors.

What:  Final Outprocessing for the Inter-American Defense College, Class 51.

Where:  Bldg. 50 (the old dining facility) directly behind the IADC.

When:  0800-1000 Hrs.  All Students will turn in their completed Inprocessing Checklist.  International Students and Advisors are also required to turn in all Military ID Cards.  This includes the turn in of all dependent Military ID Cards.  Upon turn in of ID Cards and Inprocessing Checklist, all students will receive a packet containing their IADC Class diploma and a copy of training reports (US students only).   The following sections will be available in the Bldg 50 to sign your Outprocessing Checklist:

  • Information Management
  • Logistics
  • Studies
    • Registrar
    • Library
  • Finance (US only)
  • Personnel