Chief Of Studies Biography

Rear Admiral Francisco José Benigno YABAR Acuña

Chief of Studies, Inter-American Defense College

RADM Yábar was born on November 13, 1961 in Lima, Peru. He studied at the Carmelites and San Luis school in Antofagasta (Chile). He entered the Naval School of Peru on March 1, 1978, graduating in January 1, 1984 as an Ensign.
His qualifications are in Engineering and Naval Surface Warfare, with a specialization in Damage Control earned at the Naval Technical Training Center (San Francisco, USA). He also graduated from the Basic Course and Staff College Courses at the U.S. Naval Command and General Staff College (Newport, USA) and the Joint Staff Course at the Armed Forces Joint Command.
RADM Yábar graduated at the head of his high school class and majored in history at the Catholic University of Peru, where he received his Masters in History with the highest distinction. He graduated with an MBA from the University of the Pacific and won first place in the Advanced Management Program at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. He also holds a Masters in International Relations from Salve Regina University (Rhode Island, USA).
During his time at sea, RADM Yábar served on board the B.A.P. Galvez and the B.A.P. Montero. He was Deputy Commander of B.A.P. Carvajal and Commander of B.A.P. Villavicencio.
Among other duties, he has been Peru’s Chief of Counterinsurgency, Head of Policy and Strategy Division for Peru’s General Staff of the Navy, Chief of Strategic Talks for the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, and also served as Deputy Director and Director of the Admiral Miguel Grau National School of Merchant Marine and Maritime Interests.
RADM Yábar has written several books and articles, including: Inca Gold, Final Provincial Mints, Fiat Currencies of Peru, The Subtle Forces and Coast Defense in the Pacific War and The Resistance Campaign in the Andes, 1881-1883.
He was President of the Numismatic Society of Peru and is a full member of the National Academy of History, Institute of Maritime Historical Studies of Peru and the Military History Research Center of Peru.
In his most recent posting, which began on January 1, 2011, the Government of Peru promoted him to the rank of Rear Admiral and appointed Yábar as Director of Personnel Management.
He is married to Cecilia Coloma Málaga and, together, they have four children: Michelle, Andrea, Paula and Francis.