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Partnership Program with the Instituto Universitario Gen Gutierrez Mellado

About the Program

The Instituto Universitario Gen Gutierrez Mellado (IUGM), located in Madrid, Spain, is a research center and educational institution that offers academic programs on peace, security, and defense to complement the offerings of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED). IUGM offers a Masters Degree in Peace, Security, and Defense in a distance-learning format with a significant online component. To obtain this Masters Degree, students must normally complete two years of academic study. The IADC and IUGM are negotiating the possibility that the IADC academic program be considered equivalent to one year of the IUGM curriculum. Thus, a student will be required to do only one additional year, which may be done concurrently with the IADC academic program. In addition, the student must complete a research project after graduation from the IADC. The approximate cost of this option is estimated to be around $1,500.

Additional Information

Detailed degree information including course information will be provided when the agreement is finalized.