The total quota for each Inter-American Defense College class is about 60 students. Each country represented in the Organization of American States (OAS) is entitled to a quota of three (3) students. Additionally, each member of the OAS may submit candidates in case some countries do not fill their quotas. Student nominations meet the following requirements:

a. Have been selected by his/her country;
b. Have attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, or their equivalent;
c. Have graduated from an advanced command and staff school, or hold an advanced college degree, and
d. Have adequate military training and experience at an advanced level.

a. Have been selected by his/her country;
b. Be a government official of an American republic;
c. Have a university degree
d. Have the rank, seniority, professional experience, and possibilities of future employment, comparable to those required for military students.

Since its beginning, 2025 students from 23 different countries have graduated from the College. The Auditorium provides an exceptional forum in which the students hear over 160 world class guest lectures. The auditorium has simultaneous interpreting equipment, making possible two-way communication in English, Portuguese and Spanish.