Thursday, June 21 - IADC Class 51 Graduation and Reception

Who:  ALL Students, staff, Advisors, their families, and invited guests

Uniform:  Uniform 1 for Students, Staff and Advisors, Uniform of the day or business suit for attendees.

What:  Formal Graduation Ceremony for the Inter-American Defense College, Class 51.

Where:  Organization of American States, Main Bldg, Hall of the Americas, 17th St NW

When:  Participants need to arrive at the college between 0800 and 0830.  There will be shuttle buses running continually between the college and the OAS from 0830 to 0945.  Participants also have the option of going directly to the OAS, however, parking is very difficult to find.

            0800-0830 - Participants arrive at college

            0830-0900 - transport to OAS

            0915-0930 - Students gather in waiting room at OAS

            0930-0945 - Students line up for processional

            1000:  Students proceed into Hall of the Americas, Ceremony Begins

            1130 - Ceremony Ends

            1130-1330 - Reception, Plaza de Azteca's, OAS Main Building

            1330 - Reception Ends

            1200-1330 - Shuttle buses running between OAS and IADC, Ft McNair